Posted by: masterharper | February 25, 2009


The second volume of the Crystal Singer trilogy is called “Killashandra.”

The life of Killashandra Ree was on catastrophic change after another. She had applied to the Heptite Guild to become a Crystal Singer and passed the test and agreed to the sever warnings about Ballybran and singing crystal. Killa chose this life to forget her past failure and to prove t hem all wrong by getting rich singing crystal and at that she was awesome.

In her first season on Ballybran she struck god by finding and singing the coveted “Black Crystal” that made her a wealthy woman. To top it all off she met a man who became her lover and filled her with joy. All her past sorrows faded away.

BUT behind every silver lining is a black cloud. Only a year later one of Ballybran’s devastating storms shattered her Black Crystal mine and turned all that wealth into useless rock. The trouble was that now she had crystal in her blood and the only way to deal with crystal sickness was to be off Ballybran for a while but she was broke. The only way to deal with it was to take a jobe settign white crystal in an organ on a distant world. That would be another adventure that would have her kidnaped, marooned on an island and then meet the man of her dreams who just happened to be the one who snatched her away and marooned her.

What a stoy but to know the rest you will have to read the book.


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