Posted by: masterharper | February 26, 2009

Crystal Line

Killashandra Ree had a lot of painful memories that she wanted to loose. When she joined the Heptite Guild on Ballybran, she knew that she would be forever changed. Crystal singing brought both ecstasy and pain, healing and near eternal life, and most of all a gradual loss of memory.

What she hadn’t counted on in loosing those painful memories was the loss of good times and friends kind of memories as well. Crystal had destroyed Killashandra’s memory but a new discovery by a close friend she no longered remembered was that crystal could restore it as well – if she dared. She would have to trust another person, one who claimed to love her. Killa would have to learn to open herself to him and restore even the unpleasant memories.  It worked and she remembered her lover and where her black crystal could be found.

Reading anything by Anne McCaffrey is are real treat and the Crystal Singer is indeed a wonderful treat. The only sad thing is that there are only three books. But then she needed more time to write about the Dragonriders of Pern.


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