Posted by: masterharper | February 27, 2009

Freedom’s Landing

You are walking down the street to your home on a clear summers day and suddenly the air is full of alien space ships.  As you stare in unbelief a beam hits you and you are stunned. Then you are loaded aboard a ship and put into suspended animation. Your last thought is this is not good.

When you awake it is not earth but another world with many alien beings and you are one of many slaves taken from many worlds. You are forced to learn a new language and submit to all kinds of unpleasant conditions. Then just as you are getting uses to these new life conditions it all changes because you were caught up in a slave riot. Again  you are stunned and wake up on a different world. This time you are marooned on a planet that is being tested by your overlords as a possible new home. You are among the “test” slaves that are left there to survive, thus proving the safety of the planet or you die showing that is it not safe. How do you make it your home?

This is the premis of a series that starts with “Freedom’s Landing” and once again Anne McCaffrey transports me to a different universe in an exciting novel that I can’t put down. Then I must contune with the next book in the series because I am hooked once again by the magic of Anne McCaffrey,


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