Posted by: masterharper | February 28, 2009

Freedoms Challenge

The second book in the series is called “Freedom’s Challenge.”

Once the slaves were dropped on the planet to be tested they were free to do what ever they wanted. They were a mix of ailen beings of all shapes and languages but speaking a basic language taught by the slavesrs who had dropped them there. Should they scatter, or seperate into their respective races and form new communites. On the otehr hand would they do better by forming a single community.

Almost as soon as they began waking up the grusome reality hit that this planet had some nasty native residents who lived undergound and would eat anything that moved. Living in the rocks of the hills was the only safe bet so off to the hills they went as one community.

One of the Catteni a mercenary for a race called the Eosi had been dropped with them but not as a guard but as an exile himself for killing another Catteni. Kris Bjornsen, lately of Denver, knew him to be one of the good guys and befriended him saving his life when other wanted to kill him. It turned out that saving him was a valuable thing to do for he turned against his own and against the Eosi.

Their new home had another surprise, it was being farmed by remote control by yet another powerful race they called the farmers. Would they become Allies or more foes?

Read this great story by Anne McCaffrey to find out.


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