Posted by: masterharper | April 11, 2009

The Ship Who Sang

Helva had been born a human female but her body was useless. Her parents had a difficult choice to make because while Helva’s body was not viable there was nothing wrong with her brain. So her brain was saved, cared for, schooled, programed and implanted in the sleek titanium body of an intergalactic scout ship.

Anne McCaffrey’s inventive mind tells the story of this little girl who became a guiding intellegence for a space ship. And what a story it is!

The space ship Helva XH-834 started life deep in debt for the cost of the ship and the training of her brain plus the joining to the ship cost a lot of money. To top it off she needed a human partner to be the brawn part of the partnership for her travels through space. She could choose either male or female partners and she would out live many of them. She was indestructable in her titanium shell.

The connections to her brain gave her control over the whole ship including speakers and mics that allowed her to carry on a conversation with people on board, partners and passengers. She loved to listen to music and then one day she started to sing and discovered that she had the voice of an angel. Soon she became known as the Ship who sang. AND then she fell in love.



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