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Crystal Singer

Anne McCaffrey has created so many wonderful sci-fi worlds to lose your dreams in and the world of the Chrystal Singers is one of them.

The First volume of the Crystal Singer trilogy is called: “Crystal Singer” and like many of her books started off as a single story but her fans demanded more. We would have liked many more than three but that is all we got.

The focus of this story is a would be opra singer Killashandra Ree Who is told near the end of her studies that she has a bur in her voice that makes her unsuitable for opra. She is floord and angry and storms out of the school seething and not knowing what to do next. She makes it to the space port and meets up with a Crystal Singer named Carrik who on leave. He discovers that she has perfect pitch and would be a candidate for becoming a Crystal Singer herself. Carrik gets ill and she takes him back to Ballybran which is the world of the Crystals that make interstellar communications possible.

The work of the Crystal Singer is dangerous and all who apply must have perfect pitch in order to cut crystal. They are also required to be warrned of the dangers and Killashandra applys anyway and is accepted.

Read this wonderful story and enjoy the adventures of Killashandra Ree as she become a Crystal Singer.

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The Tower and the Hive

The conclusion of the two series about “Talents” is called “The Tower and the Hive.”

This skillful storytelling brings together the generations of powerful minds who have evolved to use their wonderful talent to benefit not only humanity but outer races of peoples in the universe. Working together with the alien Mrdini they held off the attacks of the hivers and then limited them to planets they already inhabited.

There is something for everyone in this story including love, hate, power and ethics.

I often dream of having the ability to telepath and teleport at will as Anne McCaffrey has transported me into a new universe without limits.


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Lyon’s Pride

A folow up to Damia’s Children is “Lyon’s Pride” named after their father Afra Lyon. The extremely powerful children of Damia and Afra Lyon are growing up and moving out into space, some as tower primes and some as T-1’s on space navy ships – with rank equal to captian. They are a foce to be reconed with.

Several things are becoming clear to the human and merdini alliance and that is that the “hive beings” will never communicate and can not be allowed to spread. The merdini want to totally destroy the enemy while t he humans want only to stop them from spreading this brings some tension to the story.

Individually Damia and Afra’s children are powerful but linked together the vast reaches of space are no problem. The phrase “You are only a thought away.” is frequent to the point of being a family joke.

At the end of the book they discover a way to destroy enemy ships with ease and stop the advance. Now the questions is how do we keep the hiver’s sequestered on their present planets. Well that is for the next book

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Damia’s Children

“Damia’s Children” is a wonderful continuation of the saga of the talents spreading out into space. Damia and Afra are prolific in producing Primes and just in time for a great war with the insect beings who come to establish new colony hives on human planets. In their process they wipe out all life on a planet and establish their own eco systems. The ability of the psionice talent to defeat the enemy with no loss of life does not go un-noticed bay another species that have been fighting the insects for hudnreds of years with great loss of life. The “Medinis” or Dinis as they were called approached the talents in their dreams as a way of making contact.

Damia’s children were raised with Dinis children as a way of establishing good relationships with this very different peoples who have only one eye and have a variey of colors of fur on their bodies. The mixing of cultures and ways of fighting a comon enemy makes for an exciting and very interesting story.

Join the fun of Anne McCaffrey’s world of the Talents.

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“Damia” the daughter of The Rowan and Jeff Raven is stronger than both of her parents. The Nine World league is fighting off aliens that are similar to insects in that they have a queen that rules like ants or bees with sent glands. The Rowan and Jeff Raven had beaten them off using the combined talents of all the Prims and T-2’s to cast the alien ship in to the sun Deneb.

A great love story is woven into lovely tale of mind over matter. The Rowan’s number one station tallent is a T-2 Capellen named Afra. He has green skin and yellow eyes and helped raise the Rowan’s children. He loves Damia but keeps his emotional distance  — well I will let you guess what happens.

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The Rowan

Anne McCaffrey followed the “Pegasus” series with a new series in the same universe in what became known as “The Tower and the Hive” series starting with “The Rowan” set several generations in the future from Pegasus in Space.

Peter Reidinger set up the FT&T company for space expoloration and development. Talents began producing children that were with each generation becoming more powerful and spreading out into space themselves. Every major human settelment had to  have an FT&T Tower stafed with an aray of ranked talents with “T-1” -known as a Prime- being the most powerful and incharge of the Tower.

The Rowan Mining Company on Altair suffered a  major accident with a  mud slide that killed almost everyone including the parents of a small girl burried in a ground car and all alone. As sometimes happens with talent the trama released her physic abilities and the whoel world of talents on Altair heard her mental scream of “Mommie where are you?” What follows  is the delightful story of her growth and training as a Tower Prime. Because she was found with out any identification she was called the “Rowan Child” which became simply “The Rowan.”

I love this book and have read it many times and will enjoy it again this week.

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Pegasus in Space

The third book in the Pegasus series is “Pegasus in Space” by Anne McCaffrey. This story takes up where “Pegasus in Flight” leaves off with the very young “talent” Peter exploring his new found powers and using powerful generators as a gestalt to enhance his strength. Now the whole world is discovering that he is the most powerful talent ever.

The world is way over populated and is reaching into space already building a giant space station and a moon base for launching star ships to other planets. Young Peter has always been a space  happy kid and wants desperately to get into space. Peter’s kinetic power provides his only way to move himself around for he is paralyzed from the neck down. But what power he has for he can teleport things from earth to the moon.

There are villains who want to stop Peter and the drama continues but there are also two new females in Peter’s life give Peter things he only could dream of and was almost giving up on the dream of walking and leading a normal life as a human male. The first is a very young girl names Amariyah rescued from a flood who turns out to be a talent so she comes to live in the same house as Peter. The second is a doctor who is also a talent on the space station. One would think well it is the doctor who gives Peter back his legs and arms but it is the child who has a micro talent for healing who reconnects Peter’s spinal cord. Well it is the doctor who brings love into his life and discovers that Amariyah’s healing has given him back feelings in a more personal area.

Peter is able to teach other telekinetics how to tune themselves to generators and increase their power. He can send whole ship to other star systems in an istant. He becomes the first Tower Prime and with others sets up a  new company called Federated Telepath and Teleport to take over the business of deep space travel and exploration. This also sets up the next series of books on this subject 😉

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Eight Days with out power

I am slowly recovering from the effects of the ice storm brrrr.

We were eight days without power or internet.

A huge 75 year old silver/red maple in my beck yard split down the middle. Half fell into the back yard away from the house — thank God. The other half is still standing but is now a threat to the house so a tree removal company has been hired to come and take it down. That requires a crane in my back  yard. It will cost $$$$$$$$$ but must be done.
My back yard looks like a battle zone as that was not the only tree loss back there just the largest.
I am on the tree company’s list but there are lots of trees down in Lousiville– some that went into houses.
After this I am seriously considering a natural gas powered whole house generator that will come on when there  is a power failure. Three times inside of one year is too much.
I will post the next McCaffrey book review soon.

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Pegasus In FLight

The second book in the “Pegasus” series by Anne McCaffrey is “Pegasus In Flight” and the focus is a young boy named Peter and a girl name Tirla who have a special talent. The Center for Parapsychics has been established and they are looking for more people with these special talents.

Peter is happy being a boy from a poor family until a day comes when is is in a place where he should not have been. Boys do that now and then but on this day an old decaying wall falls on him leaving him paralized from the neck down. He is in a hospital when he wakes up all covered with wires and tubes and he knows his life has changed forever. Peter dreams of living in space where is new condition will not hender him.

Then strange things begin to happen late at night he has an out of body experience and it begins to happen every night and he seems drawn to a lovely place in the country.  His nightly exploits seem to be shorting out the Hospitals electrical system and his room is the reason. The hospital can’t figure it out. What he does not know is that place he visits is the Center for Parapsychics” and he even enters the bedroom of the centers director Rhyssa. When she awakes suddenly he retreats back into his  body. Rhyssa starts the search for him, finds him and brings him to the center where he is discovered  to be one of the most powerful talents yet.

Tirla is a feisty and streetwise twelve year old girl who has a talent for languages. She can instantly understand and speak any language she hears. She lives in what we would call the projects for people on public support. Tirla is an “illegal child” and she does not want the authorities to discover her and she is an expert on hiding.  She gets into trouble trying to rescue children from her building who are going to be used as slaves or sold for organs on the black market. Her talent discovered the search is on for her by the center  and t hey bring her to join Peter.

The story of Peter and Tirla if full of adventure and troubles including some artful twist and turns. As always Anne McCaffrey delivers and marvelous story. Because it was written at the beginning of the space age she imagined a future universe for her story that seemed wonderous when first written but our technology is now way past what she could dream up. How could she know that we no longer use IBM punch cards for computers. 😉

It is however the adventure of emerging “talent” that captures my imagination and my oh my if I could have some of those powers of the mind.

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To Ride Pegasus

It is all about the the powers of the human mind! Yes we have all suspected that it was true the mind is more powerful than we thought, well our thoughts are powerful. Telepaths who can speak to each other with you saying a single work. Those who can bend spoons, move objects with out touching them or teleport something from one place to another by simply thinking it. Oh yes faith healers have been around for a long time but is it tel-empathic?

In 1969 Anne McCaffrey wrote a series of short stories on this subject that became so popular that in 1974 she combined into a book called “To Ride Pegasus.” The band of people with these abilities began to call themselves “Talents” and started work to increase their powers. Here a group of wild “talents” banded together to train  and work together to make a better world. That world was sometimes hostile so the mutual protection was also necessary. People fear what they can not understand and some one who can read your mind is someone to fear.

The story is about how their organization was formed and their protection assured as their usefulness to the society came to be appriciated and used.. This book was only the first in a long line that I and millions of McCaffrey fans thourghly enjoy. 🙂

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